Eastern Rhode Island 4-H Country Fair

Portsmouth, RI

Open Rabbit Show

All animals must be cooped in before 10am on Sunday.
Judging for breed will start @ 10am.
Knowledge Test will be at 11:00 am this year.

Please be Prepared to start show at 1 pm on Sunday July 20, 2014


Please read this link before entering!

2014 Entry Form

This is an open show for 4-H members and non 4-H members.

Please make sure that you enter using the online entry form and mail before the deadline of July 1.

If you have not entered before July 1 you will not be able to show.

Rabbits that are brought to the fair on Friday for the weekend must have food and water containers and food provided and you MUST TAKE CARE OF THEM EVERYDAY OF THE FAIR! We do not supply food or care only over look them in case of problems.  

Make sure you read fair rules re-guarding animals. 

Showmanship Classes

  • Novice - First year showing
  • Clover buds - Under 8 yrs as of Jan 1st
  • Junior - 8-13 yrs of age as of Jan 1st
  • Seniors - 14-18 yrs but not 19 as of Jan of the current yr.

Breed Classes

Class 1.

A. Meat (small) -Chinchilla (Standard), Commercial, Sable, Silver, Silver Martin, Florida.
B. Meat (standard) -American, Beveren, Californian, Champagne D'Argent, Cinnamon, Creme D'Argent, Chinchilla
(American), Commercial, Hotot, Lop (English, French), New Zealand, Palomino, Rex, Satin, Silver Fox, Havana, Harlequin, Lilac, Siamese Sable.
C. Meat (giant) -Checkered Giant, Chinchilla (Giant), Commercial, Flemish Giant.

Class 2. Wool & Fur Breeds: American Fuzzy Lop, Angora, Jersey Wooly, Rex, Satin.

Class 3. Mini/Dwarf Breeds -Dutch, Dwarf Hotot, English Spot, White, Himalayan, Jersey Wooly, Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarf, Polish or Britannia Petite, Tan, Belgium Hares.

Class 4. Lop Ear Breeds -American Fuzzy Lop, English, French, Holland, Mini.

Class 5. Pet -Any rabbit that does not meet requirements of classes 1 -4. Judging will include condition, handleability, and structural correctness. Color pattern will not be considered.

Each of the classes 1 -5 may be divided into the following sections:

A. Junior Doe -under 8 months, not less than 4 months.
B. Junior Buck -under 8 months, not less than 4 months
C. Senior Doe -8 months and over
D. Senior Buck -8 months and over

Class 8. Knowledge test - must be taken by all 4-H members who show rabbits

Show Superintendent is Ronnie Pierce @bamps100@aol.com


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